The Complete Guide to Choose Sanitary Pipe Fittings

With more than 10 years of experience in sanitary pipe fittings manufacturing, Union Metal has been developing its own productivity and quality control, aiming to provide the market with more top-notch sanitary fittings. Then on this page, Union Metal will offer some advice for you to purchase sanitary pipe fittings.

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What Are Sanitary Fittings? & How Do They Work?

Sanitary fitting, also called sanitary clamps or hygienic clamping, are constantly applied in pharmacy, food, chemistry manufacturing, and other industries that have high requirement for sanitary condition. They are used to seal two ferrules to reach a high standard of hygiene conditions in some industries.

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What Are the Categories of Sanitary Fittings?

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Tri clover clamp

Tri Clamp, also known as Tri Clover, is a tubing connection system that allows making sanitary interconnections in stainless steel fluid transport systems.

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DIN 11850/11851

The two types of sanitary fittings are made up of different stainless steel about should be connected to facilitate the fluid power transfer.

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SMS couplings

SMS couplings consist of an internally threaded ring that has a captive seal designed to provide a smooth, crevice-free internal bore.

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How to Measure the Dimension of Sanitary Fittings

To purchase the right sanitary fittings that fit your business, you should know the materials you need and the correct size. Therefore, here is the guide to measuring sanitary fittings.

1、Measure the Outside Diameter (OD) of the tube end:

● Lay your piece down on a sheet of paper and trace a circle around the outside of the tube end

● Measure the diameter of the traced circle to determine your piece’s Outside Diameter (OD)

2、Determine the fitting size through the OD measurement table

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What sanitary fittings are used for?

Sanitary fittings boast different shapes and materials to adapt to different situations. Here list the main functions of sanitary fittings.

Extend or terminate

● Sanitary fittings like adapters, couplings, and sleeves are used to connect vessels;

● Unions can conduct quick disconnection without cutting; caps are used to cover the end of a vessel,

● Plugs are used to close off the end of a vessel.

Change direction

● Elbow: change the direction of a vessel to different angles

● Tee & wye: connect 3 sections, the former in a T-shaped, and the latter Y-shaped

● Cross:4 way connections

Change vessel size

● Reducer: all fitting that connects between two or more vessels of different sizes.

● Outlet: adapted to branched connections

Special functions

● Nipple: connect two separate fittings at each end

● Valve: connecting vessels with the addition of a valve for the control of flow

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