When it comes to fitting multiple pipes together, a couple of different techniques can be used. While flanged and threaded connections remain common, many people are using a quick connect fitting instead. These fittings focus on making the connection between pipes faster and easier. There are different kinds of these fittings, sometimes called quick connect couplings, and the prices may vary significantly in some cases. In this post, we talk about the main factors that impact how much these fittings cost. We also look at how the manufacturer you choose can affect the price and quality of a quick connect fitting. 

Factors That Affect Quick Connect Fitting Prices

Quick-connect fittings have many uses, from connections in water coolers to filtration systems and more. There are several factors that can affect the price of a quick connect fitting. When you thoroughly understand these factors, estimating the cost of buying these fittings is easier. We will look at the four elements that have the biggest effect on quick connect fitting prices. 

  • Materials

The materials the manufacturer uses will have a significant role to play in the price you pay for them. A quick connect fitting can use different types of materials. The materials it uses will determine the overall durability you can expect from the fitting, which is why it is important to look for heavy-duty options. Materials for the quick connect fittings contain stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, brass, copper, iron, nitrile, fluorocarbon, PTFE, and so on, which have their properties to fit in different environments. 

Although the materials are affordable, their processing difficulties determine the price in large. For example, stainless steel couplings have strong mechanical strength but higher technique requirements and, therefore, higher costs. The aluminum one is lighter and has lower processed requirements, but to ensure the aluminum fittings are working well, they need a more practical design. So, materials are the major trigger for the changing price.

  • Capabilities

The specific capabilities that a quick connect fitting offer also affect the cost. Regular options are good for standard connections, but there are scenarios where you may need special functionality. It includes the ability to handle higher-pressure water systems or high temperatures. Adding these particular capabilities will also increase the price for a specific fitting. 

  • Manufacturing Equipment

The equipment that manufacturers use is generally costly. When the manufacturer considers the price they charge for items, they need to ensure that the selling price will assist in recovering the funds used for the production equipment. Manufacturers who use larger and more expensive equipment to assist with production will ask more for the final product. 

  • Manufacturing Technique

Quick connect fittings are commonly used for sealing, which is highly demanding for the manufacturing techniques, and the following cost on the equipment and talents, which combined are the huge cost. To produce fittings with different specifications needs to change the machine parameter and then go through a series of adjustments and sampling, which will affect the whole production line. That is why standardized couplings are more expensive. 

Union Metal As A Top Rated Camlock Coupling Manufacturer

When it comes to buying quick-connect fittings, you have to ensure you opt for the right manufacturer. A high-quality camlock fitting can make a significant difference in the connection between multiple pipes or lines. There are several manufacturers that produce these fittings, but the quality is something that is somehow different. 

Union Metal has produced quick-connect fittings for over a decade and remains a preferred choice among commercial and residential customers. The quick-connect fitting options available at Union Metal use various materials to ensure they are a good fit for the specific pipes and systems.


Now you may have a clear understanding of why the prices of quick connect fitting vary. Then to find a manufacturer who is professional enough to offer all kinds of fitting and customized services, you can visit Union Metal’s website.