The Storz coupling, also known as Storz fire hose coupling, plays a significant role in modern firefighting. As the standard coupling used to connect fire hoses to hydrants and other hoses, it facilitates quick connections and ensures reliable water flow. Without Storz couplings, firefighters would struggle to rapidly assemble and disassemble hoses during an emergency response. As the default choice of professional and volunteer departments globally, Storz couplings are a critical tool enabling on-the-spot engineering of water delivery that is so vital for saving lives and property from fire.

Storz fire hose coupling

Key Features of Storz Fire Hose Couplings

Storz fire hose coupling offers many features that make it a preferred choice for the firefighting industry. Key features include:

  • Non-shut-off: Storz couplings are non-shut-off, meaning they allow ease of connection and a high rate of flow.
  • Symmetrical: The symmetrical design allows couplings to be connected in either direction, even in dark or stressful situations.
  • Head Structure: The sturdy head structure is paired with durable lug nuts to withstand high water pressures and ensure sealed connections.


Connecting a Storz coupling is straightforward. You simply have to twist the coupling onto the hose until it clicks into place. This intuitive design facilitates rapid assembly under pressure.


Advantages in the Fire Fighting Application

In firefighting applications, Storz fire hose coupling offers many advantages. Its standardized design provides important benefits during emergencies. Key advantages include:


  1. Quick Connection

The symmetrical and non-shut-off nature of Storz coupling allows for lightning-fast attachment between hoses and other appliances. This saves precious seconds that can make a difference between life and death in a fire.


  1. Compatibility

Storz couplings use standard international lug distances like 31, 66, and 89 mm that ensure compatibility between equipment. Fire hoses from different jurisdictions, agencies, or countries will seamlessly connect when needed. This is invaluable for automatic aid agreements and large mutual response incidents.


  1. Less Prone to Damage

Storz fire hose coupling is made of rugged metal that stands up to intense heat, impact, and abrasive hazards common on firegrounds. Hard use has minimal effect on its integrity compared to some alternative plastics.


Union Metal Offers Reliable Storz Fire Hose Couplings

Union Metal has long been a leading global supplier of high-quality Storz couplings and other fittings for the fire service industry. With over 15 years of dedicated experience in the sector, we offer an extensive portfolio of certified products to meet any department’s needs. We are committed to innovation and excellence in customer service, and we ensure that fire agencies have reliable access to the connections that help protect lives every day.


At Union Metal, we offer a wide range of products suitable for various applications. There are several advantages of ordering Storz fire hose coupling from us. These include (but are not limited to):


  • Competitive Price

We offer pricing that is affordable for department budgets. Our large production scale allows us to keep costs low while still using high-grade materials and upholding strict quality standards. We also offer discount promotions from time to time.


  • Low MOQ

Agencies can order fire hose coupling parts at a starting quantity of as few as twenty pieces. This provides flexibility for departments to fill gaps or refill stock without excess costs from high minimums. Customers only pay for what they need.


  • Wide Customization Options

Departments can choose from different material grades, like aluminum or stainless steel. Our standard size options cover most equipment. In addition to these, we also fabricate custom dimensions. Our other customization aspects include logos, color options, and gasket materials.

Storz fire hose coupling

Overall, the critical Storz fire hose coupling continues to be the gold standard connector for life-saving fire response efforts worldwide. Its intuitive design, standardized sizing, rugged durability, and ultra-fast connection capabilities give firefighters the reliable tools they need to safely and efficiently combat fires. For departments looking to source top-performing Storz fire hose coupling, Union Metal is a trusted partner with a proven track record of delivering premium-quality fittings and exemplary support. Our competitive pricing, customization options, and commitment to customer service make us a top choice. Contact us to learn more about our reliable coupling solutions.