Stainless steel ball valves have gained great popularity across industries in recent years. With excellent corrosion resistance and extended lifespan, stainless steel ball valves offer reliable flow regulation under various conditions. This guide provides a comprehensive view of these versatile products, exploring their multi-purpose design, common industrial applications, main types, and more.

stainless steel ball valves

The Versatility of Stainless Steel Ball Valves

Versatility is one of the top attributes of stainless steel ball valves, and it has contributed greatly to their increased popularity. Their durable design makes them suitable for various operating parameters and uses. They are commonly used in these sectors:


Beverage Industry

In the beverage industry, these ball valves allow easy handling of beer, wine, juices, and other beverages without corroding or contaminating the product. The smooth stainless steel surface prevents buildup and allows quick cleaning between batches. Stainless steel valves also maintain purity, avoiding oxidation and off-flavors.


Oil Industry

In the oil industry, stainless steel valves withstand exposure to crude oil, liquefied petroleum gas, and corrosive injection fluids. They provide reliable throttling and on/off control even in high-pressure, high-temperature oilfield applications.


Gas Industry

The gas industry relies on stainless steel ball valves for critical flow control applications. Stainless steel handles toxic, flammable, and corrosive gases safely. The fire-safe design prevents flashbacks, making stainless steel valves ideal for fuel gas, liquefied petroleum gas, hydrocarbons, and other volatile gases.


Types of Stainless Steel Ball Valves

Stainless steel ball valves come in several different designs and configurations to suit various service conditions and performance requirements. Their main types are categorized by their models and connection types.


Categorized by Models

Stainless steel valves can be categorized according to their internal component design and construction. The main model types include:


  1. 1-Piece Ball Valve

1-piece ball valves have a body, ball, and stem constructed in a single piece. The flow bore matches the ball diameter exactly. This type offers minimal obstruction but is only suitable for low-pressure applications.


  1. 2-Piece Ball Valve

These have two main components – the body with the integral ball and the stem is one piece, while the second piece is the valve end cap that screws into the body. 2-piece valves are compact, simple, and suitable for medium pressures.


  1. 3-Piece Ball Valve

3-piece valves have three discrete components – the body, ball and stem, and end caps on both sides. The versatile 3-piece design allows easy maintenance and high-pressure ratings. It is the most common type of stainless steel ball valve.


Categorized by Connection Types

These ball valves also differ according to the type of connections used to join the valve body to the surrounding pipeline. The main types include:


  1. Thread Ball Valve

A thread ball valve has male (external) or female (internal) threaded ports to allow straightforward connections to threaded pipes. It is ideal for lower pressures and temperatures.


  1. Flange Ball Valve

A flange ball valve has flanges with bolt holes that mate with flanges on pipes for robust, leak-tight connections. It is suited for high-temperature, high-pressure applications.


  1. Tri-Clamp Ball Valve

Tri-clamp fittings with gaskets clamp around the ports to create sterile connections required in hygienic applications. They allow quick and easy disconnection/disassembly for cleaning and maintenance.


Choosing the right stainless steel ball valve type is crucial based on the specific operational needs. Factors like required pressure ratings, temperatures, and flow properties must all be considered. Considering these aspects leads to choosing a reliable product that minimizes downtime and reduces the total cost of ownership in the long run.

stainless steel ball valves

Union Metal Manufactures All Types of Stainless Steel Ball Valves

Union Metal is a seasoned manufacturer of high-quality stainless steel ball valves for diverse industrial applications. With more than 15 years of expertise in manufacturing these products, we provide an extensive portfolio. Our product line includes all of the types mentioned above, including mini ball valves for compact needs, as well as flange valves, threaded valves, etc., for wider implementation.


At Union Metal, one of our key strengths is our ability to customize ball valves based on customer requirements. With our customization service, we allow you to specify various materials, connections, flow configurations, actuators, and accessories to manufacture specialized valves for your unique applications. Our ball valves boast the following characteristics:

  • High corrosion resistance
  • Low torque operation and bubble-tight shut-off capability
  • Capable of throttling and frequent cycling without wear and tear
  • High temperature and cryogenic temperature capability
  • Electropolished surfaces prevent galling, clogging, and contamination
  • Custom-engineered for specialized applications and demanding services


For more details about our premium-grade stainless steel ball valve products, feel free to get in touch via our official website.