Piping system is the most common components existing in every industry. And each industry has their own requirement to the system. In terms of the pharmaceutical piping system, cleanliness tops all the demands. It goes without saying that keeping a sterilize production environment is never easy, the pits and holes in the piping system is the hotbed of bacteria, especially the microbe. To reach the demands. Stainless steel sanitary fitting is indispensable.  


Sanitary fittings are commonly used in applications where perfect cleanliness is required. The food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries often require filters that are designed, manufactured, and certified to sanitary standards. Stainless steel sanitary fitting is used to securely fasten pipeline components. The stainless steel sanitary fitting is free from defects such as pits and cracks and has smooth corners for easy cleaning. Quick-release clamps and other sanitary connections are also used, instead of threaded ones, which can trap contaminants.

Now, if you are interested in this tiny component, you may get some basic knowledge of it after reading the passage.


Stainless steel sanitary fitting in Pharmaceutical Industry

Sanitary pipe fitting consists of stainless steel connectors and a sealing gasket. This type of tri clamp fittings have excellent sealing properties and are an excellent replacement for traditional flange and welding connection methods.

Stainless steel sanitary fitting can be placed anywhere but for a smooth flow of liquid, the elbow of the sanitary should be upward. Quality sanitary fittings are not easy rusty because of the resilient coating. which is added to protect the steel against the corrosion and oxidation of the working environment. Steel material has high hardness, impact resistance, and very good pressure resistance.

When purity is required in the most stringent hygienic processes, sanitary fittings deliver superior performance. Designed for use in applications that rely on clean or sterile processing, such as food and pharmaceuticals, sanitary fittings are the most effective means of ensuring that products are fit for human consumption.

Material & Operation

As we all know, stainless steel materials 201, 304, and 316 are those with good abrasion resistance, high pressure, safety, and certainty. Therefore, stainless steel fitting is specialized in liquid medicine and, chemicals, petroleum, processing plants, pharmaceutical production, food, and food processing.

When choosing, you need to save Note; each different type of stainless steel will have different quality and price. Traditionally, stainless steels include 304, 316, and 316L. 304 enjoys the widest applications, including the household wares like cabinets and heaters. 316L has a higher concentration of molybdenum and thus braces excellent resistance to chemical components, corrosion detective cells, and burning hot environments. Union Metal’s sanitary fittings are made up of 316L, which is renown for its durability.

Sanitary fittings generally feature a springless design, eliminating any concerns about media or particulate contamination, and are fully drainable. Pharmaceutical applications in particular benefit from the use of stainless steel sanitary fitting such as DIN11851 Couplings from Unionfitting. This compact stainless steel check valve features a compact design with easier assembly and disassembly to help reduce downtime.

When it is working, there is no residues in the sanitary piping system, harboring little microbes. Besides, it is detachable and can be installed with bare hands.  


Best food grade sanitary fitting from Union Metal

Union Metal, as the leading camlock couplings manufacturer, have provided quality stainless sanitary fittings to industries in need. Following the wide exportation is the hyper market responses. Here is Union Metal can provide to better the piping system.


The fittings are used in different industries to maintain the flow of fluids in connection systems. We offer the best stainless steel sanitary fitting in bulk. That is, we are sure to have the perfect piece for your projects.

    1. Meet international standards:  DIN11850/11851, SMS1145, 3A, RJT, IDF, ISO, and MACON
    2. Different materials for various working environments: stainless Steel 316L / 304
    3. High resistance to working pressure: 10 bar
    4. Greater customization like logo and size

It is a durable product that comes with resistant material, which has a structure resistant to corrosion and oxidation, situations that reduce the useful life of the sanitary fittings. Because of this, industrial valves made with this type of material are versatile and can be used in different industries, including food, pharmacy, bear, and cosmetics. Its main features include:

    1. Stainless steel material 316L/ 304
    2. 10 bar working pressure
    3. Easy to install
    4. Improved connection appearance
    5. Excellent corrosion resistance


Although we can find several products on the market, it is very important to pay attention to the best stainless steel sanitary fitting manufacturers, ensuring greater process control and system purity.

Union Metal constantly seeks to offer the best options to its customers, bringing the best from around the world to its portfolio. The company that works with high purity and ultra-high purity products brings superior materials, and rigorous cleaning processes to meet customer needs and help overcome today’s challenges.


Now, for more information about Union Metal and their reliable sanitary fittings, you can visit the following websites: https://www.unionfitting.com/blog/rule-of-thumb-how-to-use-stainless-steel-sanitary-fitting-correctly/