Storz fire hose coupling is a quick-connect fitting that is commonly used for firefighting equipment such as hoses and nozzles. It features symmetrical lugs that allow it to be joined rapidly with only a quarter turn. This quick connection enables firefighters to link hoses quickly under pressure without leaks. Beyond firefighting use, Storz couplings are commonly used in various industries due to their secure and reliable joint. Read on to learn about their wide applications, types, product recommendations, and more.

Storz couplings

The Wide Applications of Storz Couplings

Storz couplings are very versatile and have found use in many industries. Their quick connect ability and secure seal make them suitable for applications involving fluid transfer under pressure. Some of the main industries that utilize Storz hose coupling include:


  1. Fire Fighting

As the original intended use, Storz fire hose coupling is commonly used to connect fire hoses, nozzles, and other firefighting equipment. Its fast connection is crucial in emergency response situations.


  1. Agriculture

Farmers use Storz hose couplings to transfer water and chemicals through irrigation systems as well as to wash and spray equipment. Their corrosion resistance is suited to agricultural environments.


  1. Oil Industry

Storz coupling is also widely applied in oil fields and refineries for moving crude oil, petroleum products, water, and chemicals through pipelines and other equipment.


  1. Chemical Industry

The secure seal and chemical resistance of a Storz hose coupling make it suitable for transferring corrosive fluids in chemical plants and laboratories.


  1. Construction

Construction teams utilize Storz hose couplings for applications like pumping concrete and transporting water on work sites.


Types of Storz Couplings

There are several types of Storz coupling available in the market, each suited to different applications. Proper identification of a coupling’s type is important for ensuring compatibility. The main types fall into three categories:


  1. Categorized by Lug Distance

Storz hose coupling can be classified based on the distance between its internal lugs as Types A through D. Type D has the shortest distance and is most compact, suitable for smaller hoses. Type A has the longest distance and can accommodate larger hose diameters.


  1. Categorized by Hose Connection

Storz hose couplings can have either threaded or flanged hose connections. Threaded couplings can be simply screwed together with matching grooves, while flanged couplings necessitate uniting two pieces of material through an internal or external lip. Flanged couplings generally cost more than threaded types due to configurations.


  1. Categorized by Material

Storz couplings are made from aluminum, brass, stainless steel, or other high-grade alloys. Aluminum fittings are lightweight for portability. Stainless steel versions also offer high chemical resistance.


Product Highlight: Storz DN150 – 3 Lugs with Flange

Union Metal is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality camlock fittings, hose clamps, valves, pipe fittings, and Storz coupling solutions. With years of industry experience, we pride ourselves on our technical expertise, competitive pricing, extensive product range, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Certified to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards, we uphold stringent production processes to assure top product quality.


The Storz DN150 – 3 Lugs with Flange is one of our premium offerings for industrial applications. Its key characteristics include:

  • Dimensions:Inner diameter of 150mm, which ensures compatibility with DN150 equipment.
  • 3 lugs:Allow fast 360° attachment with no cross-threading, secure under pressure.
  • NBR Gasket:Removable o-ring forms resilient seal between fitting and pipes/hoses.
  • Flanged Ends:Allow quick fastening between pipe/hose flanges using bolts, providing rigid vibration-resistant joints.
  • Material:High-grade aluminum or brass material provides strength and durability in various environments.
  • Pressure Rating:Withstands pressures up to 150-250 Psi without leaks or failure.
  • Compatibility:Conforms to DN150 3-lug Storz standards to fit all accessories.

Storz coupling

Storz DN150 – 3 Lugs with Flange is suitable for a wide range of general fluid transfer needs (including all the above-mentioned applications), especially where reliability and burst strength are required.


For over a century, Storz coupling has enabled fast and reliable joining of pressurized fluid lines due to its simple yet ingenious design. Its versatility stems from broad engineering that accommodates diverse conditions. As one of the leading stainless steel fittings manufacturers, we at Union Metal offer reliable Storz hose couplings like the featured DN150 model for industries worldwide. Visit our website to discover our complete Storz hose coupling range and contact us for volume discounts and customization options.