Reducer camlock fitting Type DA

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Reducer camlock fitting Type DA

  • Reducer Part DA Camlock Coupling
  • Product Name: Type DA
  • Material:Aluminum
  • Sizes:1-1/2″*1″  –   6″*4″
  • MOQ: 50 PCS
  • Customizable contents: sizes, logo
  • Certificates: CE,ISO9001:2015
  • Competitive price
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Reducer/Increaser camlock coupling DA

Reducer Camlock fittings are produced according to standard A-A-59326(Mil-C-27487), also known as Cam &groove couplings, they are mainly composed of male adapter and female coupler. Camlock coupling are easy to install. During the process of installation,no tools are required and hand pressure is enough.Reducer camlock makes it easy to connect camlokc of different sizes with hoses


Models of Reducer Camlock fittings:


Body Material:Aluminum & Stainless steel

  • Reducer/Increaser camlock coupling Part A

    Item code:2015A,2030A,3020A,3040A,4030A,4060A,6040A

  • Reducer/Increaser camlock coupling Part B

    Item code:2015B,3020B,3040B,4030B,1510B

  • Reducer/Increaser camlock coupling Part C

    Item code:3020C,3040C,4030C

  • Reducer/Increaser camlock coupling Part D

    Item code:1510D,2015D,3020D,4030D

  • Reducer/Increaser camlock coupling Part F

    Item code:2015F,3015F,3020F,3040F

  • Spool Adapter camlock coupling Part AA

    Item code:10AA,15AA,20AA,2030AA,30AA,3040AA,4060AA,3020AA

  • Spool Adapter camlock coupling Part DD

    Item code:15DD,20DD,30DD,40DD

  • Couplers-Adapter camlock coupling Part DA

    Item code:2015DA,2030DA,2040DA,3015DA,3020DA,3025DA,4030DA,6040DA