Tri-clamp fittings are part and parcel of sanitary fittings. These are found in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and biotech industries, mainly for their superior hygienic properties. Tri-clamp fittings provide perfect leak-proof connections between a pair of pipes or a pipe and a vessel to ensure the product’s safety or integrity. 

A tri-clamp comprises three components (where the word Tri comes from): a pair of ferrules, usually clamped together, and a gasket in between. Union Metal tri-clamp assembly creates a seal that’s easy to assemble and disassemble. This makes it perfect for applications that require constant maintenance and cleaning. 

Function, Applications, and Importance

Businesses that deal with foodstuff and other products meant for human consumption require a variety of sanitary tubes and valves. Everything from the gaskets to the tubing must be done right, or your business will be staring at spoiled products or system downtimes. 

But you may ask, why not other connectors other than tri-clamps? The stainless steel used in standard versions may scratch or suffer nicks, and as a result, there may be more than enough impurities that sabotage the whole manufacturing process. Sanitary connections, on the other hand, develop in this aspect and thus enjoy great popularity in industries with high hygiene requirements. Tri-clamps are constructed to provide a clean and sure connection between pipes or pipes with vessels. 

On the other hand, sanitary connections bridge different sections of process lines. For example, a tri-clamp Concentric Reducer can accommodate a transition to a 4-inch pipe from approximately an 8-inch line. 

These connectors are versatile, as they can accommodate different adapters and endpoints. These include butt welds, end caps, and Male/Female NPT (National Pipe Thread). Their versatility extends to accommodate different assembly configurations depending on your needs. 

Typically, the fittings work by establishing a tight hygienic seal that allows easy cleaning disassembly. The components in a tri-clamp establish a secure connection resistant to high temperatures and high pressure. This high integrity and precise connection make it ideal for various industries. 

Choosing the Right Size and Material

Picking the proper tri-clamp fitting is vital for a hygienic, leak-proof, secure connection. We often tell our customers to determine the size they need based on the applications first. The tri-clamps come in diameter sizes of between ½ inch and 12 inches. 

You cannot make a wild guess unless you want to end up with an ill-fitting and leaking setup. Get the most accurate pipe or vessel measurements to avoid complications and regrets later. 

After acquiring the measurements, the next step is to consider the fitting material. Tri-clamps are available in various material types. While the most common materials are brass, stainless steel, and plastic, stainless steel is the most popular based on its hygienic properties, corrosion resistance, and durability. Stainless comes in various grades – 304 and 316 are the most common. 

Our experts at Union Metal often advise buyers to consider the environment in which they’ll be using the fittings.

Union Fitting tri-clamp Fittings

Your manufacturing process relies on the integrity and hygiene of various fittings and connections to stay in business. You don’t want damaged gaskets in high-pressure streamlines, or you’ll be dealing with complications that may cause downtimes and contaminations. Therefore, choosing the right is a vital part of ensuring you stay in business and ahead of rivals in the market. 

You’ll need to choose the correct size and material of the sanitary fittings and determine the environment they’ll be used in. Most importantly, consider the brand. Not all tri-clamp fittings and tri-clover are made equal. 

Our tri-clamp fittings have been applied in many manufacturing processes. They provide a secure and hygienic connection to ensure your products are safe for consumption and of the best quality. For reliable and high-quality tri-clamps, contact us at Union Metal