Special Camlock Fitting Types and Their Common Applications

Camlock fittings provide the best leak-free joints in industries. Their efficiency depends on the procedure of how Camlock fittings work. Camlock’s male adapter & female coupler mating model makes sure the strongest leakage-free joints. That’s why they are becoming a necessity in almost every kind of industry.

Due to their increasing demand, many Camlock fitting suppliers are making several types of Camlocks. Today, many special Camlock fittings are available in the market that works best for their specific situations.

Different Types of Special Camlocks Fittings

In this era, many advanced special Camlocks fittings have been introduced depending on their customized use. The general procedure of how Camlock fittings work remains the same in all Camlocks types – male & female mating, but the Camlock fitting suppliers introduced many new advanced types of Camlocks. All these special Camlocks are made to provide the additional grip and more feasibility and more trustable leakage-free seal in every given circumstance.


Let’s explore all the advanced types of Camlock fittings and their specific applications.

1. DIN 2828 Camlock Fittings

These special Camlock fittings are interchangeable with the original standard MIL-C-27487, but there is a difference between the special hose tails, thread, part number, etc. In DIN 2828 Camlock fittings, the suppliers add the flat threaded seal to the female threaded parts. Further, the Camlock fittings suppliers also added a smooth hank for assembling with the RK safety clamps.


DIN 2828 Camlock fittings are well suited for harsh applications such as saltwater, various chemicals, and liquids with strict sanitary requirements.


  1. Camlocks with Flanges

Flanges always provide more mobility in every mechanical product. Camlocks with flanges are special Camlocks to provide an additional mobile solution to provide a tight seal. Such couplings are made with flanged ends to provide a quick-release system without customizing the specific pipe ends.


Such Camlocks are widely used in heavy machinery in mechanical engineering. They are available in Brass, Aluminum, and Polypropylene.

3. No Thread Camlocks

These are some special Camlock fittings having no threads at all. They are suggested Camlocks for those situations where we need the weld ends, such as petroleum or industrial filtration applications. You don’t need to be confused about how this special Camlock fitting works without threads. Its procedure is as simple as a basic Camlocks fitting principle, i.e., opening a coupler and putting the male thread to provide a seal.

4. Spiral Tail Camlocks

Whenever you have to deal with some composite hoses, you may need something to provide an ultimate connector to strengthen the compost hoses. You should go with the spiral tail Camlocks. As the name suggests, these special Camlock fittings have a spiral tail that works on a screw tightening principle – couplings are screwed into the composite hose, and then a swagged ferrule offers more secured mating.


They are made with aluminum and stainless steel in different sizes like 2″, 3″, and 4″ depending on pharmaceuticals, pellets, and many more applications.



All these special Camlock types are helpful in their specific purpose. If you are well aware of the Camlock fittings and how Camlock fittings work, you must be looking to replace all your current joints and connectors.


Before going to buy Camlocks, do some homework to get the desired efficiency. Follow the given steps to get maximum output from Camlock fittings:


  • You should be well aware of the nature of the joints between pipes.
  • You should know either it would be a single connection between two pipes or a composite connection between several ends.
  • You should be well aware of the commodities that would be transferred through those pipes and the Camlock fittings as well; it would help you choose the right material for the Camlock fittings like aluminum, steel, brass, or polypropylene, etc.
  • You should be well aware of the sizes before ordering the cam locks in bulk quantity.


Last but not least, you should choose an experienced company like Union Metal that has been providing Camlock fitting services for the last 15 years. Union Metal has a certification of ISO 9001:2015. Union Metal can properly guide you in choosing the right couplings or Camlock fitting solutions for your needs. You can make contact with your desired queries, and Union Metal experts will guide you to the best possible fitting solution for you.