Everything You Need to Know About Camlock Fittings Accessories

Camlock fittings are widely used in every industry to provide quick bonding between pipes and hoses. They are economical and don’t need any additional tools to deal with. Their male adapter and female coupler mating provide a quick leak-free seal. That’s why they are used in industries where sensitive or hazardous commodities are involved in transferring from one place to another.

If you are keen to know how the Camlock fittings work and how their functionality can be improvised, you need to know all the Camlock accessories and Camlock gasket material.


Camlock Accessories

Normally there are two major accessories to make the Camlock fittings – a male adapter and a female coupler. These basic Camlock fitting arms are made of stainless steel or brass, but they also need additional accessories to make the mating happen between male and female parts.


So, following Camlock fitting accessories are equally important to the male adapters or female couplers.

1. The Threads of Camlock Fittings

Some Camlock fittings have threads to assist the locking between male and female parts. Threads provide an efficient way to lock and unlock the fittings quickly so that no hands would be directly involved with the concerned commodities like drainage water or the chemicals. The threads are pressed, and the male adapter is pulled in the female coupler, and then the threads are released to provide an additional outside force to make a tight seal.

2. Gaskets & Seals in the Camlock Fittings

In some situations, we need to ensure a more robust leakage-free seal at any cost while dealing with the liquids. The additional accessories like gaskets and the pins make it possible for us.


The gaskets are already much more popular in mechanical industries providing additional assurance of leakage-free solutions. The basic responsibility of the gaskets is to maintain the leakage-free seal during heavy compression. Therefore, gaskets are essential to provide an extra protection layer to improvise the leakage-free joint between pipes and hoses. These basic Camlock fitting gaskets are usually made of Buna N, EPDM, FEP encapsulated material.


On the other hand, when we have to make a composite hose or composite connection between the larger pipes or hoses, we need to ensure the tight grip between Cam and locks despite heavy pressure by the concerned liquid. There we use the additional pins and needles between Camlock fittings to provide any additional support.  These needles and pins are made of steel to avoid erosion while transferring the liquid commodities between tanks or pipes.


It is essential to know how Camlock fittings actually work and how their sizes are measured accurately because Camlocks are used almost everywhere these days. Camlock fittings are everywhere, from domestic sanitary pipes to water purification plants and between the large pipes, hoses, or containers in the bigger industries to transfer water, petroleum, or chemicals.  Therefore, there is a higher chance of the risk while dealing with these Camlocks in commercial industries.


So, the Camlock accessories are as important as the Camlock fittings when we talk about the Camlock fittings as the commercial substitutes of the interconnectors between larger pipes and tanks in commercial industries. It is vital to get the perfect sized Camlock fittings accessories as well as the Camlock male and female parts. If you don’t fit the relative gaskets of needles or the relative Camlocks, there will always be a chance of leakage. There is very little margin of error while using Camlocks for commercial purposes. Even a slight difference of a quarter an inch may cause you a huge loss.


So, don’t compromise on the sizes and the quality while purchasing the Camlocks, Camlocks gaskets material, and other Camlock accessories. You should always choose an expert Camlock fitting supplier like Union Metal that is ISO certified and considered the best supplier in Camlock fittings.