Different Sizes of Camlock Fittings and How to Choose One

Camlock fittings are the quickest and easiest solutions to provide leakage-free joints. The cam and groove locks combine together to form a sustainable joint. They both need to be connected properly and moved in opposite directions to form a stronger leakage-free joint. If you are wondering about how to size the Camlock fittings, just remember this golden rule that it is very important that the sizes of the couplings should be the same as the sizes of adapters, plus their sizes should also be compatible with the dead ends of pipes or hoses. Only then, any specific Camlock fittings work properly.

Different Sizes of Camlock Fittings

Camlock fittings are available in many sizes as they are used in almost every crowded industry like sanitary, pharmaceuticals, labs, and construction, etc. You just have to assure the compatibility among female couplers, male adapters, and their respective threads with the specific pipes and hoses.


Following are the multiple size options for the Camlock accessories. You can consult this table for your desired needs. Choose the thread size for your concerned pipe or hose, and then choose the relevant diameter sizes of the adapters and couplers.  

How to Measure the Size of Camlock Fittings

It is really simple to know how to measure Camlock fittings if you already know the basic principle of how Camlock fittings work.


Let’s have a quick look: The male adapter is entered into a female coupler, and then both of them are pushed together by applying pressure using the threads and when they are both  completely joined with each other. The cam is locked using needle pins.


Now for the sake of their (male adapter and female coupler) interaction, the outer diameter of a male adapter should be the same as the inner diameter of a female coupler. Only then would it be able to enter properly.


Following are three simple steps to size the appropriate Camlock fittings for some specific needs.


  1. The coupler size should match the concerned end of a pipe or hose.
  2. The inside diameter of the coupler and outside diameter of the adapter should be the same.
  3. The concerned threads should have the same size as the concerned adapters and couplers – only then would they be able to tighten them.

How to Choose a Specific Camlock Fitting

To choose any specific Camlock fitting, you should first consider the prerequisites and look for multiple options. The stamped should be the targeted prerequisites to choose the specific Camlock fittings.


What would be the point of choosing any top-quality Camlock fitting if they are not compatible with your concerned pipe ends or the hoses? In this regard, the correct size of the Camlock fittings should always be the utmost priority for you to consider.


Before choosing any specific Camlock fitting, closely observe its material and melting point, so it won’t melt out or freeze in abnormal conditions. You should always estimate the highest and lowest temperature of your concerned area where any specific Camlock fitting is required.


Always check out the manuals or take the guidance from the sellers about the possible applications where specific Camlock fittings would be useful. Some Camlock fittings would be useful for only one application, but others may be installed in various places.


The building material of any specific Camlock fitting would be among the most concerning features to be focused on while choosing the best Camlock fitting for your specific need. Any specific material like Aluminum, Brass, Polypropylene, or Stainless Steel would have different properties plus a different prices too.


The pressure dealing should always be consulted before going for any particular type of Camlock fittings. You must be aware of the maximum possible pressure around your concerned dead ends, so you can opt for a feasible fitting that may handle that maximum pressure.

End Fittings & Connections

End fittings & connections should not be neglected anyway because they would be significant for your whole Camlock fitting sustainability. The respective sizes of end fittings would be your concerned sizes for couplings, plus they would assist you in estimating the possible pressure threshold too.    


The ease and reliable delivery of any specific product is often neglected while buying, but it should also be considered. One kind of fittings would be easily accessible within no time, while others would need certifications plus further safety measures to be delivered properly.


Considering all the above features, you should be aware that only a few companies would be able to provide you a perfect solution for your dead ends. You should always trust the experienced and proven companies like Union Metal that has been providing the most suitable fitting solutions, for years, in every material and several sizes. Plus, you can also consult us for your customized fitting solutions too.