When it comes to pipe installation or reparation, the medical and food industries always turn to stainless steel sanitary fittings. But what makes sanitary fittings different from regular fittings? Read on to learn why you should choose sanitary fittings over regular fittings for the best possible quality you can provide to your facility.

While sanitary fittings still come in the mandatory national standard for general needs, the most size for sanitary fittings is ½ an inch to 4 inches while using either 304 or 316L stainless steels. Additionally, stainless steel sanitary fittings lack any pockets, threads, or tight radii, as the radii for sanitary fittings have been standardized.

The most common sanitary fittings used are buttwelds and sanitary clamps. Sanitary clamps are three-way crossroad pieces that look like a “T,” and they are one of the most important pieces of piping for facilities that handle food, liquids, or chemicals.

They Are Easy To Disinfect

To start, stainless steel tube fittings are easy to disinfect. These sealing mechanisms have an easy-to-clean design that doesn’t trap bacteria. Typically, sanitary fittings don’t have much threading, small crevices, or complicated bends that make sterilizing them a challenge.

Instead, these tube fittings have flat surfaces to minimize cleaning difficulties. Medical manufacturers don’t need to worry about contaminants hiding in pockets. These fittings are also simple to remove from their respective machines, making disassembly much easier.

They Are Durable

One of the most important properties sanitary fittings should have is corrosion resistance. Those producing pharmaceutical products and medical devices must be cautious of rust and oxidization, as they can contaminate supplies. Stainless steel tube fittings are durable, withstanding conditions that other types of tube fittings couldn’t.


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