Piece type ball valves are a type of valve that is often used in the oil and gas industry. They are also commonly found in other industrial settings, such as wastewater and water treatment plants.piece type ball valve are unique because they have two camshafts that rotate together. The piece type ball valve mechanism allows the valve to open and close in response to flow variations. This makes them ideal for controlling pressure and flow in large systems. In this blog post, we will explore the functions of piece type ball valves and how they can benefit your business. We will also cover some common applications and considerations when choosing a piece type ball valve for your application.

What is a piece type ball valve?

A piece type ball valve is an essential piece of plumbing used in water distribution systems. The valves open and close using cam lobes on the stem, allowing a controlled flow of water through the system. The three basic functions of a piece type ball valve are to prevent backflow, to allow controlled delivery of pressure water, and to release water under pressure.

Functions of a piece type ball valve

A piece type ball valve is a device used in plumbing and water supply systems to control the flow of water. It is a type of butterfly valve, also known as a check valve, that uses a camming action to prevent the flow of water until the pressure on the two sides of the valve has equalized.

A piece type ball valve be opened by turning the valve stem, which causes the valve to move in the opposite direction. The valve stem can also be locked in the open position by pressing a button on the handle.

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How to use a piece type ball valve

Piece type ball valves are used in water, gas, and oil pipelines to control the flow of fluid. They are also used in manufacturing processes where precise flow is required. Piece type ball valve can be opened and closed by turning a cam on the valve body.

There are two types of piece type ball valves: positive and negative. Positive valve stem open when the cam on the valve is turned, while negative valve stem open when pressure is applied to the stem. When closing a negative valve stem, care must be taken to ensure that no air is left inside the valve body, as this will cause it to leak.


A piece type ball valve is a type of valve that has two lobes on one side and these lobes are always in contact with each other. This allows the valve to open and close very quickly, which is important for applications like water supply systems or gas distribution networks.