At Union Metal, we are dedicated to providing superior quality 2PC ball valve made from high-grade stainless steel 316 and 304. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and product excellence, our brand has become synonymous with reliability and innovation.


Unparalleled Durability of Stainless Steel 316 and 304

Our 2PC ball valves are crafted from high-grade stainless steel 316 and 304, renowned for their exceptional corrosion resistance and durability. The addition of molybdenum in Stainless Steel 316 provides increased resistance to corrosive environments, making it an excellent choice for applications in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Stainless Steel 304, on the other hand, offers excellent durability and ease of cleaning, making it suitable for various industries where hygiene is crucial.

Commitment to Superior Quality

At Union Metal, we pride ourselves on delivering products of superior quality. Our 2PC ball valves undergo rigorous testing at every stage of the manufacturing process, ensuring that they meet the highest industry standards. Our advanced quality control measures, coupled with skilled craftsmanship, guarantee the reliability and long-term performance of our valves.

Corrosion Resistance and Ease of Cleaning

The high-grade stainless steel 316 and 304 used in Union Metal’s 2PC ball valves offer exceptional corrosion resistance. This makes them highly suitable for applications in industries such as food and beverage processing, pharmaceuticals, and water treatment plants. Additionally, the smooth surface finish of our valves allows for easy cleaning, minimizing maintenance efforts and ensuring optimal hygiene standards.

Versatility and Applications of Union Metal’s 2PC ball valve

Union Metal’s 2PC ball valves are designed to cater to a wide range of applications, making them highly versatile. From controlling flow in pipelines to regulating fluid movement in industrial processes, our valves offer reliable and efficient performance. Their ability to handle high pressures and endure extreme temperatures makes them suitable for demanding environments like oil and gas, power generation, and chemical plants.



In conclusion, Union Metal is committed to delivering superior quality 2PC ball valves made from high-grade stainless steel 316 and 304. With their unrivaled durability, corrosion resistance, and ease of cleaning, our valves are the ideal choice for industries where hygiene and reliability are paramount. Trust Union Metal as your preferred brand for all your ball valve needs, and experience the excellence and performance that sets us apart from the competition.