Flexible maintaining clean and safe connections is essential to ensuring the integrity of products and customer safety in industries like beverage production, dairy manufacturing, food processing, and medicines. Union Metal‘s Tri-Clamp Coupling, commonly referred to as the Sanitary Clamp, has become a dependable and hygienic connection for a variety of uses.


Observance of Several Sanitary Standards

Sanitary standards that Union Metal’s Sanitary Clamp complies with include DIN11850/11851, SMS1145, 3A, RJT, IDF, ISO, and MACON. This compliance guarantees that the clamp will work with a variety of pipe systems and meet industry standards. Union Metal’s Sanitary Clamp satisfies these requirements, providing fluid handling applications with dependability, durability, and compliance that facilitate a smooth integration into current systems.


Superior and Anti-Corrosion Materials

Union Metal’s Sanitary Clamp, made of stainless steel 304 or 316L, offers superior resistance to corrosion. These materials are renowned for their resilience to the difficulties brought on by caustic substances and difficult working environments. Because stainless steel is so resilient, it reduces the chance of contamination and prolongs the life of the fluid conveying system while also guaranteeing the clamp’s structural integrity.


Various Gasket Options for Optimal Sealing

The Sanitary Clamp from Union Metal provides a variety of gasket materials, such as silicon rubber, EPDM, VITON, and PTFE, to guarantee efficient sealing and leak prevention. Certain benefits, like durability, chemical compatibility, and temperature resistance, are unique to each type of gasket material. Businesses can select the best gasket material for their particular application with this option, guaranteeing a dependable and hygienic connection.


Broad Size Spectrum and Versatility in Applications

The sizes of Union Metal’s Sanitary Clamp range from 1″ to 4″ (DN25 to DN100), meeting the needs of different process requirements and pipe systems. This adaptability enables smooth integration into a variety of applications, including the food and beverage processing, dairy, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and cosmetics industries.


Benefits for Sanitation and Safety

Union Metal’s Sanitary Clamp has many benefits that help maintain hygienic practices and safety when handling fluids. Because of the clamp’s resistance to corrosion, contamination concerns are reduced and the system’s integrity is guaranteed. Additionally, crucial industries like biomedicine and the cosmetics manufacturing can utilize the clamp with confidence and peace of mind because to its safe and secure design.



Our Sanitary Clamp offers a dependable and hygienic solution for fluid connections thanks to its adherence to sanitary standards, premium materials, flexible gasket options, wide size range, and application diversity. Industries in beverage production, dairy manufacturing, food processing, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and cosmetics can guarantee corrosion resistance, cleanliness, leakage prevention, and general safety by using Union Metal’s Sanitary Clamp. The Sanitary Clamp improves product integrity, encourages consumer safety, and helps fluid handling systems operate effectively in a variety of industrial situations.