As a reputable brand in the metal fittings industry, Union Metal takes immense pride in offering a diverse range of high-quality products, including TRI clamp fittings. With over 15 years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we have become a trusted supplier for industries such as food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceuticals, and more. In this article, we will delve into the world of TRI clamp fittings, showcasing their versatility and superior performance that make them a popular choice in various applications.

Understanding TRI Clamp Fittings and Their Applications

TRI clamp fittings, also known as tri-clover fittings, are widely regarded for their sanitary and reliable connections in fluid transfer systems. These fittings are designed to meet the stringent standards of the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, ensuring the utmost safety and hygiene. At Union Metal, we manufacture TRI clamp fittings adhering to 3A and ISO standards, guaranteeing compliance and high-quality performance.

The Unbeatable Advantages of Union Metal’s TRI Clamp Fittings

Premium Quality Materials: At Union Metal, we prioritize using premium materials for our TRI clamp fittings. These fittings are crafted from stainless steel AISI 316 / 1.4408, ensuring exceptional resistance to acids, alkalis, and corrosion. This durability ensures a longer service life, making them a cost-effective solution for your fluid transfer needs.

Precision Engineering: Our TRI clamp fittings feature precision engineering, resulting in perfectly aligned joint surfaces. This ensures a secure and leak-free connection, minimizing downtime and optimizing productivity in your processes.

Food-Grade Sealing Components: Union Metal places paramount importance on safety, especially when it comes to food and pharmaceutical applications. Our TRI clamp fittings are equipped with food-grade silicone rubber or PTFE gaskets, ensuring that the fluids remain uncontaminated and adhere to industry regulations.

Versatility for Various Industries

Food and Beverage Industry: TRI clamp fittings by Union Metal are the preferred choice in the food and beverage industry due to their ability to maintain the purity and integrity of products. From dairy processing to beer brewing, these fittings provide a hygienic solution for fluid transfer.

Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Applications: With stringent regulations governing pharmaceutical and biomedical processes, our TRI clamp fittings offer the reliability and cleanliness required in these industries. They facilitate easy cleaning and sterilization, maintaining the highest standards of hygiene.

Dairy and Cosmetics: Union Metal’s TRI clamp fittings find extensive use in dairy and cosmetics manufacturing, where maintaining sanitary conditions is vital. The seamless connections and food-grade materials contribute to efficient and contamination-free production.


As a leading brand in the metal fittings industry, Union Metal takes pride in providing top-notch TRI clamp fittings that meet the diverse needs of various industries. Our fittings’ quality, precision, and versatility have earned us a reputation as a reliable and customer-centric supplier. Whether in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, or other related sectors, our TRI clamp fittings guarantee safety, efficiency, and durability. Trust Union Metal for all your fluid transfer needs and experience the unmatched performance of our TRI clamp fittings.