At Union Metal, we are committed to revolutionizing the industrial sector by providing innovative solutions that optimize business operations. Our range of products includes the highly efficient mini ball valves, designed for durability and safety. With Union Metal, you can trust our mini ball valves to handle the working pressures of 1.6 – 6.4 Mpa while incorporating a Blow-out Proof Stem feature, ensuring reliable performance and peace of mind.


Compact Design, Powerful Performance

Mini ball valves are celebrated for their compact design, making them ideal for applications with limited space. At Union Metal, we have harnessed the power of mini ball valves without compromising on performance. Our valves are carefully engineered to handle high working pressures of 1.6 – 6.4 Mpa, allowing businesses to optimize their operations while enjoying the benefits of a compact and efficient valve solution.


Uncompromising Safety with Blow-out Proof Stem

Safety is paramount in any industrial setting. That is why Union Metal incorporates a Blow-out Proof Stem feature in our mini ball valves. This unique design ensures that even under extreme pressure or accidental excessive force, the stem is retained within the valve body, minimizing the risk of valve failure or potential damage. With Union Metal’s mini ball valves, you can prioritize safety without compromising on performance.


Durability Without Compromise

When it comes to durability, Union Metal excels. Our mini ball valves are crafted with precision using high-quality materials to ensure superior strength and longevity. Every valve undergoes rigorous testing to meet stringent industry standards. With Union Metal, you can trust that our mini ball valves will withstand the test of time, providing reliable performance in demanding industrial environments.


Versatility for Various Applications

Whether you require precise control over fluid flow in plumbing systems, HVAC applications, or process industries, Union Metal’s mini ball valves offer exceptional versatility. With their compact size and robust construction, our valves excel in a wide range of applications, enabling businesses to achieve optimal efficiency and productivity.


Union Metal: Your Trusted Industrial Partner

At Union Metal, we are not just providers of exceptional products – we are your trusted partner. Our commitment extends beyond delivering top-quality mini ball valves; we provide personalized support and guidance to ensure you find the perfect solution for your specific needs. With Union Metal by your side, you can have confidence in the efficiency, safety, and durability of our mini ball valves.



When it comes to mini ball valves that deliver both efficiency and safety, Union Metal stands out as the trusted choice. With the ability to handle working pressures of 1.6 – 6.4 Mpa and the incorporation of a Blow-out Proof Stem feature, our valves guarantee reliable performance and enhanced safety. Trust Union Metal to provide durable, efficient, and versatile mini ball valves that meet your business needs with precision.