At Union Metal, we take immense pride in our commitment to providing top-notch sanitary fittings solutions for businesses across various industries. Our extensive range of TRI clamp fittings, manufactured with the highest quality Stainless Steel 316L / 304, adheres to the highest standards of the Sanitary Fittings Standard. In this article, we will explore the key features and benefits of our TRI clamp fittings, with a focus on hygiene and safe use.


Union Metal’s TRI Clamp Fittings: Uncompromising Quality

Union Metal is renowned for its unwavering dedication to delivering superior quality products. Our TRI clamp fittings are made from the finest Stainless Steel 316L / 304, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity. With precise engineering and rigorous quality control measures, each fitting meets and exceeds industry standards, guaranteeing reliable and leak-free connections.


Meeting the Sanitary Fittings Standard

In industries where hygiene and safety are paramount, adhering to the Sanitary Fittings Standard is crucial. At Union Metal, we understand the importance of maintaining strict sanitary conditions. Our TRI clamp fittings have been designed and manufactured to meet the stringent requirements of the Sanitary Fittings Standard, ensuring optimal cleanliness and sterility in critical processes.


Hygiene and Safe Use: A Top Priority

Hygiene is a top priority in any business involved in food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, or biotechnology. Our TRI clamp fittings are specifically engineered to meet the highest hygiene standards. The smooth surface finish minimizes the risk of bacteria build-up and facilitates easy cleaning. Additionally, the precision fit of the fittings eliminates gaps and crevices where contaminants could accumulate, ensuring a safe and sanitary environment.


Enhanced Versatility and Compatibility

Union Metal’s TRI clamp fittings offer remarkable versatility and compatibility with a wide range of applications. Whether you are dealing with liquid, gas, or powder handling, our fittings provide a secure connection for efficient and seamless processes. Their standardized design allows for easy interchangeability, reducing downtime and ensuring smooth operations.


Union Metal: A Trusted Partner

When it comes to sanitary fittings, the reputation and credibility of the manufacturer matter. At Union Metal, we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner to businesses worldwide. With years of experience and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have established ourselves as industry leaders. Our TRI clamp fittings, backed by exceptional customer service and technical support, offer businesses peace of mind and unmatched quality.



Union Metal’s TRI clamp fittings, manufactured with precision using Stainless Steel 316L / 304, represent the pinnacle of quality and safety in the industry. They not only comply with the Sanitary Fittings Standard but also set new benchmarks for hygienic design and functionality. Trust Union Metal as your preferred supplier of TRI clamp fittings and experience the difference in performance, reliability, and overall peace of mind.