As a leading brand in the hardware industry, Union Metal takes pride in being associated a reliable and professional supplier of Camlock fittings. With over 15 years of industry experience, Union Metal has become a go-to choice for businesses seeking high-quality DIN 11851 fittings and other related products. In this article, we will explore the benefits and features of DIN 11851 fittings while highlighting why Union Metal is the preferred partner for all your industrial needs.

Understanding DIN 11851 Fittings

DIN 11851 fittings are an essential component in the fluid handling systems of various industries. These fittings adhere to the DIN 11851 standard, ensuring precision, compatibility, and safety in fluid connections. Manufactured with top-notch materials like stainless steel 316 and 304, DIN 11851 fittings offered by Union Metal guarantee excellent corrosion resistance and longevity.

The Versatility of DIN 11851 Fittings

One of the key advantages of DIN 11851 fittings lies in our versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether it’s in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, or beverage industry, these fittings play a vital role in maintaining hygienic and secure fluid transfer. Thanks to Union Metal’s dedication to quality and stringent manufacturing processes, DIN 11851 fittings meet the highest industry standards, providing you with peace of mind in critical processes.

Union Metal – Your Trusted Partner

When it comes to sourcing DIN 11851 fittings and other industrial solutions, Union Metal is the name that stands out. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, combined with competitive prices, makes them the preferred choice for numerous renowned companies. Union Metal holds ISO 9001:2015 and CE certifications, ensuring that our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Customized Solutions for Your Unique Needs

At Union Metal, we understand that each business has its specific requirements. That’s why we go the extra mile to provide customized DIN 11851 fittings tailored to your needs. Whether you need unique sizes, materials, or special features, Union Metal’s technical and quality control team can meet your demands efficiently.


In conclusion, DIN 11851 fittings are essential components for fluid handling systems in various industries, and choosing the right supplier is crucial. Union Metal, as a leading and trustworthy Camlock fittings supplier, offers top-quality DIN 11851 fittings that adhere to the highest industry standards.

With our extensive experience, commitment to excellence, and personalized solutions, Union Metal has become the go-to brand for countless businesses. So, when it comes to sourcing DIN 11851 fittings, make the right choice – partner with Union Metal and experience the difference we bring to your industrial processes.