What is Camlock Fitting: The Working Principle Behind

Introduction of What is Camlock Fittings

Camlock fitting, also known as cam and groove coupling, is a form of quick hose coupling providing quick connection and disconnection for pumps, tanks, and equipment. With the features of simplicity, reliability, and versatility, Camlock fitting is trendy among many industrial sectors. They are widely applied industrial couplings available today as they realized the easy and reliable means of connecting and disconnecting hoses without using any tools. In this article, we are going to discuss what is Camlock fittings and the working principle of Camlock, and it aims to provide you more insight about Camlock fitting, understanding application, and how to use camlock fittings.

What is Camlock Fittings and their Specifications

In terms of what is camlock fittings, Camlock fittings are used as end connectors of the suction hoses, discharge hoses, and other low-pressure flexible hoses delivering water, and chemicals, and other fluid. Based on research, the couplings’ specifications were laid down in US military standard MIL-C-27487 at first, which covers the dimensions and machining tolerances, materials, closing torque, part numbers, pressure ratings, finish, inspection procedures, and packing requirements. More on, they are also defined by the European standards BS EN 14420-7.

How Do Camlock Fittings Work and their Working Principle

In terms of How do Camlock fittings work, Camlock fitting is commonly manufactured by aluminum, brass, stainless steel, polypropylene material. Generally speaking, the standard size range of Camlock fittings are 1/2″ to 8″. Working pressure of Camlock fitting ranges from a couple to over ten bar. And this is mainly related to the size and the material of Camlock fittings. A standard Camlock fitting is consist of male and female end, couplers, adapters, Camlock blank plugs, and fitting adapters, as well as a wide range of sealing material (NBR, EPDM, Viton, CR, PTFE / Viton envelop gaskets, etc.) that allows matching a particular chemical medium. 


What is Camlock fittings. This is simple, a very straightforward combinations. The couplers and adapters of Camlock fittings are available with BSP and NPT female and male thread. The female half of the Camlock fittings has arms with a cam profile. As part of the assembly, the male connector has a form that lets the cams to tightly lock into place. When they are inserted into the convex groove, and the two halves are pulled together as they rotate until contact is made with the gasket. They will form a tight seal with the gasket in the female socket.

Besides, lever safety pins used in Camlock fittings are the standard features for level up the security of transport. The coupler levers are opened, and the adaptor is pushed into the coupler. The adapter is then firmly locked by closing the lever. This action compresses the seal in the coupling and provides a leakproof joint. The disconnection, on the contrary, is done by opening the lever and pulling the adapter out of the coupler.


How to Use Camlock Fitting Note: Reverse the process to disconnect the connector; please make sure that the hose assembly is depressurized.


As above discussion about what is camlock fitting and how to use Camlock fittings, we already know about Camlock fitting is designed to meet the demand for the leakproof full flow of the fluids. It offers a leakproof connection without using any tool and can handle a wide variety of fluid semi-solids, paste, powder for bulk material transfers. By adapting the convenient Camlock fitting design, the operator can accomplish the frequent connection and disconnection of the pipelines in just a few seconds. Thus Camlock fitting can significantly reduce the material loss and machine shut downtime.


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