4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Camlock Fitting

You might have seen two pipes or water hoses joined together at several instances, but have you ever been curious regarding how it is being done? You might think that it requires a professional to roll up their sleeves and work hard for at least a couple of hours to join two pipes together. You are not wholly wrong, considering that assembling of pipes when performed in the traditional way used to demand a considerable amount of time. However, things are changing for good, and you might alter your opinions once you start using the Camlock fitting

How to Use a Camlock Fitting?

Unless and until you learn how to use the Camlock fitting, you would not be convinced about its user-friendliness. Once you source the fitting from a reliable manufacturer, you would find two attachments: the female coupler and the male groove adaptor. If you follow these steps, you will understand how to connect the disconnect the Camlock couplings successfully within the shortest possible time:

  • Extend the handles of the female coupler outwards and then place the male adaptor into it.
  • Pay a bit of attention to close both the handles simultaneously, resulting in the two halves coupling together.
  • When you close both the handles simultaneously, you are ensuring that the adaptor is placed consistently on the seal. If you complete this process successfully, you will create a leak-proof irrigation system for the safe transfer of water or other liquids.
  • To disconnect the two hoses or pipes, you will have to begin by de-pressurizing the hose assembly. Once it is done, you will have to reverse the entire process to disconnect the whole assembly without damaging the attachments.

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What to Consider When Choosing Camlock Fitting?

You would have to conduct a bit of research before finalizing the Camlock fitting because you would be using it in a professional environment. That is why if you end up choosing the locking camlock fittings which are not suitable for the tasks you have at hand and use them; the outcome might not be favorable. So here are some of the parameters on which you should ideally assess the fittings you have shortlisted from hundreds of other options:

  1. Versatility

If you aspire to be a plumber, you will need to offer your services across diverse sectors, from irrigation to beverage companies. If you desire to excel in multiple industrial sectors, you should always opt for a Camlock fitting, which will be suitable for your projects’ unique requirements. For instance, you can choose stainless steel Camlock fittings as it would be a safer choice since it can be applied for different projects.

  1. Availability

Not all types of Camlock fittings might be widely available at all times in your city. If you are willing to source it from other regions, then go ahead but consider whether you can access it at times of urgency. You can stick to brass Camlock fitting, but before purchasing it, you should inquire about the availability of such fittings from your preferred manufacturer. Once you start working on a project with a specific type of Camlock fittings, it is not recommended to switch to a different material because you could not source the one you have chosen previously.

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  1. Pressure Rating

The pressure rating tells you the maximum pressure that the Camlock fitting can tolerate at a specific temperature. If you don’t choose your fittings before checking their pressure ratings, you can be in trouble at your work. While the pressure rating of a stainless steel Camlock coupling lies between 100-250 psi, the range is extended to 250 psi for aluminum fittings.

  1. Reliability

As you might have understood, the purpose of a Camlock fitting is to fuse two water pipes or pumps without resulting in any leakages. However, if you choose the wrong material and type of fittings, leakages can occur, thus resulting in dire consequences. For instance, you can choose stainless steel fittings or brass fittings if you want the coupling to fight corrosion and damage while offering durability.

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