How to Choose Different Camlock Types Based on Your Need?


Camlock fittings have been a mainstay in the locksmith industry for decades and are an essential part of any lockset. However, the various types of Camlock fitting on the market can be confuse to the uninitiated. Here is a breakdown of what you should look for when choosing Camlocks according to your needs and budget.


What is Camlock Fitting?

A Camlock fitting is a type of threaded fitting that has one or more permanently attached set screws. It has been designed to create an interference fit by the user.


Camlock fittings have been developed with the help of a Cam mechanism, and they offer an easy way to connect pipes without welding or soldering. Moreover, they are available in many sizes and shapes, making them suitable for a wide variety of applications, such as oil, pharmaceutical, irrigation plants.


Different Camlocks Types: Sizes, Material, and Features

There are different types of Camlocks that are commonly used, which can be classified as Type A, B, C, D, E, F:


  1. Type A Camlocks

Type A Camlocks have pins on the side that is used for locking and unlocking.


  1. Type B Camlocks

Type B Camlocks have pins in the middle that is used for locking and unlocking.


  1. Type C, D, E, F Camlocks

Those types of Camlocks have pins at both ends and are used to lock and unlock with both keys.


There are also various materials that make Camlocks, which is why it’s important to know what they are. There are two common materials that are used in Camlock fitting manufacturing, which are stainless steel Camlock and aluminum Camlock. The most common material is steel. This type of material is strong and will resist corrosion from the outside.


When using this Camlock in harsher conditions, you need to choose a hard-wearing Camlock material. Another type of material for a Camlock is aluminum, which is lightweight and not prone to corrosion like steel. Aluminum also has a smoother finish than steel, making them more aesthetically pleasing. If you’re going to use Camlocks in harsh environments, such as saltwater or wet conditions, then they should be made from aluminum.


Helpful Ways to Choose the Perfect Camlock Types

A Camlock should be chosen based on what your company does and how it’s done, and it is important to have the appropriate Camlock type. There are many different types of Camlocks on the market, so it can be difficult to find the right one. Here are some helpful ways to choose the perfect Camlock type for your application:


  1. Application

When choosing which type of Camlock you need, it is important to look at the application and decide which one is best suited. There are various types of Camlocks, each with different purposes. Whether you need high pressure or low pressure, it is important to know the application and purpose of each type of Camlock fitting.


  1. Strength

The Camlock should be durable, easy to use and make your work easier. You should also consider the quality of the Camlocks before deciding on a purchase. You can install them without worrying about breaking or damaging them when selecting your new Camlocks for your needs.


  1. Budget

Different types of Camlocks on the market varied in features, functions, and price. If you’re just starting out with your project, then it’s wise to stay within a certain budget so as not to waste money on things that you’ll never use.


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