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Whipcheck Safety Cable

  • Safety cable
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  • Certificates: CE,ISO9001:2015
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Whipcheck Safety Cable

Cable Hose Retraint also known as Whipcheck Safety Cable

Whipcheck Cable are designed and manufactured to give limited protection from hose whipping.

The Cable Restraint will work on hoses ranging in size from 1/8” * 20”  to 3/8” * 44” .

and only should be used on hoses with a maximum pressure of 200 PSI.

Materials:Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel

Types: Hose to hose,hose to tools

Operating Pressure: 200 PSI

Parts: 1/8″x20-1/4″,1/4″x38″, 3/16″x28″, 1/4″x38-1/4″, 3/8″x44″

and other sizes are available on request.

Applications: Steel cable for offshore and Coal mining applications,

and Stainless steel cable for applications like petro- chemical industry requiring high corrosion resistance.