Universal Female End (U.S.Type)

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Universal Female End (U.S.Type)

  • Air Hose Coupling U.S. Type
  • MOQ: 50 PCS
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  • Certificates: CE,ISO9001:2015
  • Competitive price
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USA type air house couplings

Chicago air couplings

Material: carbon steel, malleable iron, stainless steel

Gasket: NBR

Size: 1/4” -1” are with 2 claws 

Size: 1-1/4”-2” are with 4 claws

working pressure: 10bar


  • Two or multi claws are flexible to use with full size range.
  • Pressure stable, Easy to connect/Disconnect, Reusable

Application: Mainly used on industrial hose, water delivery and Mining machines etc.