Tri-Clover Clamp (TC Clamp)

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Tri-Clover Clamp (TC Clamp)

  • SizesRange:3/4″ ∼ 4″
  • MOQ: 50 PCS
  • Custom Contents: Sizes, Logo
  • Certifications: CE,ISO9001:2015
  • Competitive Price

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Tri-Clover Clamp(TC Clamp) Description:

Tri-Clover Clamp (also known as Tri-Clover or TC Clamp) is a tubing connection system that allows making sanitary interconnections in stainless steel fluid transport systems. TC clamps and TC fittings are the most popular connection equipment used within the food and beverage industries. Our sanitary tri-clamp is easy for additional cleaning.


Tri-Clover Clamp(TC Clamp) Features:  

Sanitary Fittings Standard:  3A、ISO、DIN、SMS、RJT、IDF、BS、JIS

Material: Stainless Steel 316L / 304

Gasket: Silicon Rubber、EPDM、PTFE

SIZE: 1/4” – 4” (DN6 – DN100)

Working Pressure: 250Psi


Tri-Clover Clamp(TC Clamp) Applications:

  • Food and beverage industry, milk, beverages, and beer production.
  • Bio-pharmaceutical industry; used in pharmaceutical factories and other occasions.
  • Daily necessities industry, such as the manufacture of cosmetics.


Tri-Clover Clamp(TC Clamp) Advantages:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Liquid retention and leakage prevention
  • Hygiene and safe use