Tri-Clover 3PC Ball Valve

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Tri-Clover 3PC Ball Valve

  • Tri-Clover 3PC Ball Valve
  • Sizes:1/2″-4″
  • MOQ: 50 PCS
  • Customizable contents:  logo
  • Certificates: CE,ISO9001:2015
  • superior quality,Competitive price
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Stainless Steel Tri-Clover 3PC Ball Valve Features:


Joint Gasket:PTFE

Model:Tri-Clover 3PC

Connetion:Tri-Clover (Standards:  3A / IDF, ISO, DIN,SMS)

Medium:Water,Oil,Gas,Corrosive liquld

Working pressure:1.6 – 6.4 Mpa

Applicable temperature:-40 ~ 180℃