Stainless Steel Needle Valve

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Stainless Steel Needle Valve

  • Stainless Steel Needle Valve
  • Sizes:1/8″-1″
  • MOQ: 50 PCS
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  • Certificates: CE,ISO9001:2015
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Stainless Steel Needle Valve Features:


Application:Widely used in the high temperature industries of metallurgy,

electric power,chemical and oil,urban heating,etc.

Connetion:Thread (NPT,BSP,DIN259/2999)

Suitable Medium:Air, steam, liquid

Applicable temperature:-20℃ ~ +180℃

Operating pressure: 6000 Psi

Needle valve can be adjusted accurately.The function is to open or 

close the pipe.They are widely used in the industrisls of electric station,

oil refining,chemical equipment and instrument for its abundant effects,

such as install and disassemble easily,connect stable,good for preventing fire

and explode,stand high pressure,good sealing effect. When installing the

needle valve,the direction offlow should be same as the arrowhead on the

valve body.