Brass Rocker Lug

Brass Rocker Lug

  • Product Name: Brass Rocker Lug
  • Complete Set: Cast Brass Finish
  • Sizes:1″-1/2″ ∼ 1-3/4″
  • MOQ: 50 PCS
  • Custom Contents: sizes, logo
  • Certificates: CE, ISO9001:2015
  • Competitive price

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Brass Rocker Lug Features:

Complete Set – Cast Brass Finish

Rack Hose Couplings Size: 

NPSH  1-1/2″ * 1-11/16″ 

NST 1-1/2″ * 1-11/16″ 


Single Jacket Hose couplings Size:

NPSH: 1-1/2″*1-3/4″  1-1/2″*1-13/16″  2-1/2″*2-13/16″

NST:  1-1/2″*1-3/4″    1-1/2″*1-13/16″  2-1/2″*2-13/16″


Double Jacket Hose couplings Size:

NPSH: 1-1/2″*1-15/16″  2-1/2″*3″

NST:    1-1/2″*1-15/16″  2-1/2″*3″


Special tooling is required to attach these brass host couplings to the hose. All couplings come complete with expansion rings, swivels, and tail washers. Other sizes and threads are also available. Get a quote for availability.

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