What Are the Most Common Types of Camlock Fitting Material?

In many different industries, the need to connect two pipes or hoses in minimal time and with ease may arise. Usually, this process is also known as cam and groove coupling. A Camlock does not need any tool to perform this connection of the two things. Instead, it makes it extremely easy to form the connection without any such tools, making it one of the widely used fitting methods globally. In this article, the most common types of Camlock Fitting material shall be discussed in detail.



What are the Benefits of Camlock Fittings?

Before discussing different Camlock fitting materials, a short glimpse of the benefits of such fitting is necessary:


  1. Highly Durable

Stainless steel Camlock fitting and aluminum Camlock fitting are highly durable, allowing them to be used in most situations. The choice of the underlying material of the Camlock fitting can also impact its durability. 


  1. Easy Usage

Camlock fitting is very easy to use. No technical knowledge or know-how of the tools is required to form a connection. Instead, the arms need to be closed, and the fitting is made.


  1. Agility of Use

You can usually form a connection between two pipes or hoses in a few minutes using Camlock fitting. The lack of any tools required in the process makes it an effective method to form connections in no time.


  1. A Variety of Applications

Camlock fittings are dynamic equipment that can be used in a range of different situations. As such, they are the preferred method of forming connections in most industries that involve using any powder, gas, or liquid.


  1. Reliability

The user can select the size, pressure rating, and material of the Camlock fitting before its application. As such, you can get varying levels of reliability based on your need from the product.


Different Types of Camlock Fittings

As mentioned above, Camlock fittings come in all different shapes and sizes, using different underlying materials. Here, the article shall discuss the most common material used for making Camlock Fittings:


  1. Stainless Steel Camlock

A stainless steel-based Camlock fitting is very strong and durable. Additionally, they can be used in extreme temperatures as stainless steel can easily withstand high temperatures. Likewise, stainless steel-based Camlock fittings are highly resistant to the effects of liquids of corrosion from different chemicals.


However, they do come at a higher cost than most other types of Camlock fittings. Still, their durability levels make them the standards in most industries, including the modern sanitary and food industries.


  1. Polypropylene Camlock

If you are looking for cost-effective Camlock fitting options, try buying the ones made from polypropylene. These Camlock fittings are highly durable and have the ability to withstand harsh chemicals. However, it must be noted that their strength is nowhere the same as stainless steel Camlock fittings.


Still, their durability and portability make them the Camlock fittings of choice in the agricultural industry setting.


  1. Nylon Camlock

Nylon Camlock fittings are similar to the ones made using polypropylene. However, these Camlock fittings can withstand higher template levels and are more resistant to the effects of chemicals and liquid corrosion.


  1. Brass Camlock

Over time, brass-based Camlock fittings prove to be highly durable and reliable. Their durability and anti-corrosive characteristics are similar to stainless steel-based Camlock fittings. Usually, brass-based Camlock fittings are employed in the marine industry. They can work well with gasoline, coolants, petroleum products, water, and hydraulic oils, making them a natural fit in this industry.


  1. Aluminum Alloy Camlock

Aluminum Camlock fittings are highly portable due to their lightweight. Similarly, they are more affordable than some other types of Camlock fittings. Usually, they are used in connections required in the petroleum, hydraulic oil, and water industries.


How to Choose the Right Camlock Fitting for Your Needs?

Remember, you need to consider both types and styles before making the final selection of the Camlock fitting that you must use. For example, do you need a highly durable Camlock fitting or one that is more portable and lightweight?


Similarly, consider the size of the Camlock fitting as well. Different pipes and hoses are connected using different sized Camlock fittings. Consult people who are already using Camlock fittings in your industry to understand better the one that is suitable for you.



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