Camlock Fittings Use

Camlock fittings consist of cam & groove and coupler & adapter, which are used for the connect of hoses, pipes and tubes. Cam & groove coupler & adapter works through the connect of female and male, then it becomes a fixed coupling to connect hoses. The great advantage is it can be connected without any tools. Cam & groove couplings are widely used in many industries. Different materials are used in different liquid transmitting. Stainless steel camlocks are suitable for acid, alkali, and corrosive substances. Polypropylene and Nylon camlocks can be used for transmitting liquid of the chemical industry, , or irrigation of the agricultural industry. Brass Camlocks work very well for transmitting salty water, which are suitable for most environments except acid and alkali. Aluminum Camlocks are great for using with fresh water, mixtures of oil and water. The gasket can work in the temperature from -30℃ to120℃.