A Complete Guide to Camlock Fittings

Camlock fittings are small metallic tools that are manufactured by various industries. They come in various types fulfilling all the diverse needs and requirements of the users and customers. No matter you want 1-inch Camlcok fittings or a 20-inch one. In this article, we shall explore and discuss everything that needs to be known about Camlock fittings.

What are the Camlock Fittings?

Camlock fittings which are also called groove or Camlock couplings are a simple tool used to connect two hoses or pipes together in various industries so that one commodity can be transferred to another. Camlock fittings are significantly increasing in popularity because of the feasibility and advantages they provide to their users. Not only are they easy to install and use, but they also come at very affordable rates.

Types of Camlock Fittings

Various Camlock types are depending on the hoses they need to connect. Each type may also provide unique functionality and have different diameters. Such diversity exists because of the diverse range of hoses that potentially need Camlock couplings. We shall discuss their general types:

Type A

This Camlock type is made with an adapter and a female thread.

Type B

This Camlock type is made with a coupler and a male thread.

Type C

This Camlock type is made with a coupler and a hose barb, aka a shank.

Type D

This Camlock type is made with a coupler and a female thread

Type E

This Camlock type is made with an adapter and a shank.

Type F

This Camlock type has an adapter and a male thread.

Additional Types and info

These Camlock couplings are also available of types DP (dust plug) and DC (dust cap), which have a hybrid functionality. Moreover, these Camlock fittings are also available in various diameters from ½ inch to 8 inches.

Note that adapters are also called male ends and couplers are called female ends.

What are Camlock Fittings used for?

The main use of Camlock fittings is the transfer of materials. They can be used to transport both dry and fluid materials, however, transferring fluids is more commonly used. They are used widely in almost all kinds of industries. However, the type of Camlock fittings needed depends upon the industry and the material they need to transport. Large materials require Camlock fittings of greater diameters, and even the material the Camlock fittings are made up of can change depending upon the object that needs to be transferred.

union metal-camlock fitting-camlock coupling-2

How to install Camlock Fittings?

It is extremely easy to install Camlock fittings. You have to join the male end with the female one. The male end of the adapter is inserted in the female end, or the coupler. Summarized, the process goes like this:

  1. Place the adapter in front of the coupler and insert it.
  2. Fix the two halves together by closing both the handles simultaneously.

Step 1: Install PVC hose

Step 2: Male Adapter & Female Coupler

Step 3:  Cam&groove are fixed to the right position 

Step 4:  Press down the handles to complete the connection flexiably

Advantages of Camlock Fittings

The various advantages of Camlock fittings include:


Camlock fittings are cheaper as compared to conventional ways of connecting hoses for transferring materials.

Easy to install and disassemble

It is quite easy to install and dissemble Camlock fittings, so you can easily adjust to changing requirements and circumstances.

They do not get dirty

  • Since no threads are required in the coupling process, they do not get dirty. Simply rinsing them off would suffice. This saves you a lot of hassle.


Camlock fittings are used in several industries and organizations. Some of them include:

Chemical Industry

·Pharmaceutical industry


·Water and sewerage treatment


·Oil industries

union metal-camlock fitting-camlock coupling-3

Final Thoughts

Union Metal, a company based in China makes the best Camlock fittings in the market at extremely affordable rates. What makes this company stand out, however, is the fact they provide every type of Union Camlock fittings, at every size, with all various kinds of materials. Moreover, they have some additional types available for customized usage.